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Rhetoric School Special Events

Rhetoric Fall Camp 

Fall Camp is a 2-3 day camp scheduled during the first week of school. The primary objective of Fall Camp is to cultivate community through a variety of teambuilding and group activities. It is also when each of the Rhetoric Houses induct new members and begin their competitions for the year.

Homecoming Week 

Homecoming is a occasion that fosters school spirit and celebrates the return of our alumni to campus. The festivities begin with various themed days, such as Jersey Day, "Anything But A Backpack Day"," Crazy Sock Day, Spirit Wear Day, and more. The week culminates in our Homecoming tailgate and soccer game, followed by a dance for the Rhetoric students. These dances are themed events, such as the Sock Hop and Luau, featuring dances students learn prior to the event. 

Fall, Winter, and Spring Athletic and Activity Assemblies

Our athletic and activity assemblies celebrate the extracurricular activities that our students are passionately engaged in throughout the year. They serve as an opportunity for our students to speak with joyous anticipation about upcoming seasons or competitions, as well as cheerful reflections on those events that have been completed, as well as thankfulness to the Lord Jesus Christ for His kindness in giving us the gifts He has given us. They also deepend community within our Rhetoric School through fun and entertaining competitions that often involve not only our students, but our staff as well.

Rhetoric Service Trips (Service Week) 

As a direct application of our school aims to cultivate servant-leaders looking to fulfill the Great Commandment and Great Commission, all Rhetoric students participate in a variety of service projects during Service Week. Generally, 9th and 10th grades serve locally in the Albuquerque Metro area. 11th graders serve regionally, with a focus on Native American pueblos and the Navajo Nation. Seniors travel outside the US for a short term, international service trip. 


Oak Grove's promenade seeks to go against cultural norms for a traditional “prom” by showcasing what is true, good, and beautiful through dance and culture. Our aim is to foster community and joy by practicing social graces, thereby "redeeming" what has otherwise become a highly worldly event. In the past, promenade themes such as "Enchanted Forest" and "Star Wars" have been featured.