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Rhetoric Houses function to create a consistent presence at Oak Grove, so that even when students graduate, school culture continues. 

The House system functions as a catalyst and base for where school culture can be created, cultivated, and nurtured. This is enacted via school events, service projects, parliamentary procedures, house enrichment activities, house traditions, competitions, etc. Each year culminates in a celebration and ceremony where past years victors pass the torch to the new House victor. Rhetoric Houses fulfill Oak Grove’s Four Distinctives, in such a way that creates wise and virtuous lifelong learners.

Our House system also serves as a training ground for future leaders. Each House has leadership positions (prefect, ambassador, treasurer, and scribe) that allow students to gain firsthand leadership experience. Our House prefects and ambassadors meet together regularly throughout the year to plan our weekly House meetings, various school events, and to openly discuss ways in which our School of Rhetoric can deepen our culture and community. The two highest student positions in our school are the roles of head prefect and head ambassador. They help oversee the entirety of the House system.

All of our prefects and ambassadors belong to the Oak Grove Classical Academy Parliament, which is a rather fitting name. The term parliament reminds one of our British roots from where we model our House system. The term parliament is even more fitting that it also refers to a group of owls, a label often credited to our beloved C.S. Lewis in the Chronicles of Narnia series. 

Oak Grove Rhetoric Houses