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Everything we do at Oak Grove is done with the goal of raising life-long learners in mind. 

We bring everything back to the Word of God, and seek to fulfill our vision of raising students who “Learn for Life, Live for Christ.” As such, we have a robust curriculum with the following goals of raising the Wise and Virtuous Scholar. We hope students who leave Oak Grove leave with the following characteristics:

  • Displays Christ-honoring character and virtue  
  • Displays a love of learning through curiosity, humility, and diligence
  • Displays a heart for sharing the Gospel to the lost worldwide
  • Demonstrates eagerness to grow in understanding and wisdom, especially of the Scriptures 
  • Cultivates personal expression and creativity
  • Is able to communicate persuasively and eloquently in writing and speech
  • Demonstrates respect and honor for elders and fellow classmates