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refine (v): to continuously improve

Friday Refinement Program

Oak Grove firmly believes that the Fine Arts are a crucial part of educating the whole man, training his affections to be able to discern the truly good, beautiful and true. Our Friday Refinement program makes time for the Fine Arts. Students from Kindergarten through 4th grade participate in this optional program where art, music, and movement work together to further our students’ enjoyment of the Fine Arts.

Students attend 3 classes each Friday with a long recess. There is no extra home day work involved, and our students enjoy the more casual dress code.  Families can choose for their students to be enrolled all year or just for one semester. There is a showcase at the end of the year for the students to display what they have learned in their classes to parents and the members of the community.

Friday Refinement is open to K-4th grade students
and meets on campus Friday mornings from 8am-12pm. 


enrich (v): to improve or enhance the value of

Friday Enrichment Program

Friday Enrichment is also an optional program for K-4th grade students.  This is not tutoring, but it provides an opportunity for students to experience the curriculum more deeply with grade-level peers and teachers. No homework will be required, and no grade will be taken. This is outside of the general curriculum, but students will gain a deeper understanding of the items they are learning in class and be able to interact with it in different ways, including projects, games, group work, etc. It is limited to one class of students per grade level to make sure students are meaningfully engaged.

Friday enrichment is open to K-4th grade students
and meets on campus Friday afternoons from 12:30pm to 3:30PM. 
*Students who enroll in both the morning and afternoon programs 
can remain on campus to eat a supervised lunch.


"Sing to God, sing praises to his name; lift up a song to him who rides through the deserts; his name is the LORD; exult before him!"
- Psalm 68:4   

Friday Refinement & Friday Enrichment Tuition*

One Semester: $500 per program
Both Semesters: $1,000 per program

*Friday Refinement is not included in base tuition rates.