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God created young minds to be curious-- and we capitalize on that truth in our Grammar students. 

Our Grammar School curriculum is selected with the goals of laying a solid foundation in mathematics, grammar, literature, composition, spelling, handwriting, Latin, history, and science, while enriching and blessing our students with hands-on, engaging opportunities in the real world. Our goal is to guide our students in reading the classics and writing with confidence. We use phonics and grammar programs that build these core skills as students advance.

Parent's Role

Partner in Education/Co-teacher
 (Lower Grammar K-2nd)

Throughout their schooling at Oak Grove, parents play an active part in their child’s education. In Grammar School, the parent's role is co-teacher. Classroom teachers take the lead academically and provide rigorous and engaging instruction at school, while the co-teacher is provided with robust lesson plans to follow on home days, which reinforce concepts introduced by the classroom teacher the day before.


Transitional Co-teacher
(Upper Grammar 3rd-4th)

In 3rd-4th grade, the parent transitions from the role of co-teacher to that of a Guide for Dependent Study. Exactly when this transition takes place depends upon the individual student's level of maturity and responsibility. Parents and classroom teachers work together to ensure that this transition takes place smoothly.

 Aligned Curriculum 

Our First through Fourth Grade students use aligned history, science and literature curriculum which operates on 4 a year rotation. This means students in these grades study the same topics at the same time, making co-teaching easier for parents of students in multiple grades. This method also allows for deeper study and conversations within the family. Students in higher grades dig deeper into the material through longer and more in-depth assignments. 

Grammar School Curriculum Overview

Language Arts

Students begin with Spelling to Write and Read (SWR) in Kindergarten and continue all the way through fifth grade. This program leads the students through the basic building blocks of the English language using phonograms, and gives many opportunities to practice the different spelling patterns they encounter as they read and write. In first grade, students begin working through Shurley English, which teaches grammatical structure and usage. In third grade, the students begin the IEW curriculum  (Institute for Excellence in Writing) which teaches them how to write thoroughly, descriptively, and creatively. Finally, students read through many exceptional literature books in their journey through grammar school. Some examples include Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis, and The Cricket in Times Square by George Selden. Each year, students read a biography of a famous missionary as well, like Corrie ten Boom and Jim Elliot. Students in fifth grade focus on mythology and medieval literature, such as The Children’s Homer by Padraic Colum.


All grammar students use the Singapore math program called Math in Focus (MIF). Each year they work deeper into their understanding of place value, order of operations, money, and move on to fractions and decimals in upper grammar.


Fine motor skills are strengthened as students are instructed in the proper pencil grip and proper letter formation using the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum. Kindergarten, first and second grade students form a firm foundation in print. During the second semester, second grade students begin learning and practicing cursive.  By fourth grade, students are expected to write exclusively in cursive for all assignments.


All science is examined through the lens of God’s Design, including Animals and Plants, Technology and Inventions, Sound and Electricity, Phases of Matter and Atoms/Molecules. 


Our history curriculum includes study of Creation and Old Testament, Renaissance and the Middle Ages, Explorers, and 1815 to the Present. 


All grammar students learn Latin beginning in Kindergarten with Song School Latin. In fourth grade, students begin First Form Latin which will continue into the Logic School. At the completion of Grammar school, students are able to conjugate in 1st and 2nd conjugations and decline nouns in all 5 declensions. 

For more information on why we study Latin, visit our FAQ page here. 


Leslee Schneider

Head of Grammar

Class Sizes
Range of students per class: 
Student to Teacher Ratio: 
kindergarten: 13:1
1st-4th: 16:1*

*Occasionally the number may exceed 16 in a particular class but this is the exception and not the norm. 

Home Day Expectations
At home work varies per week and by student and generally ranges from 
3-4 hours per homeday.

Grammar School Schedule 

Monday/ Wednesday: 
8a-3:30p on campus
School at home with co-teacher
Friday: (OPTIONAL) Morning Refinement & Afternoon Enrichment Available in our