The vision of Oak Grove can be summed up in this phrase, “Learn for Life, Live for Christ!”

We strive to partner with parents in providing a Christ-centered, classical education utilizing a university model. We seek to inspire our students to love learning, to face life’s challenges with courage and character, and to apply God’s truth in their spheres of influence.

To that end, Oak Grove places the high value on family and on the God-given task of raising and educating our children in the home.  No one knows a child like his parent; and while parenting is a challenging calling, it is the high calling that God graciously and lavishly equips for His glory.  Oak Grove works to provide excellent lessons and directives for families to literally bring into their own homes and participate together in this Christ-centered, classical education.

Parents assume the responsibilities of the co-teacher for their children in each course of study. Working hand and hand with educators to develop a love of learning. Teachers assist parents in the role as spiritual and academic mentors. Our teachers demonstrate a passion for classical education and excellence in teaching. They display a love for God, a love for children and a love for learning. Parents are the most influential spiritual advisor for their children. The goal is to encourage one another in training our children to glorify God and grow in understanding and wisdom. We hope to cultivate personal expression and creativity, as well as develop a Biblical worldview and a heart for those who have yet to hear the gospel. We accomplish this by displaying Christ-honoring character and humility. Learning to communicate persuasively and eloquently. Demonstrating respect and honor for their elders and fellow classmates and serving as a positive role models for the community.

The Classical/University Model

The University Model means that our K-5th grade students are on campus on Monday and Wednesday ONLY, with an optional half day Friday Refinement.

Our 6th-8th grade students are on campus M, W, and F. On home days detailed lesson plans are provided for parents to follow with their students. Our high school students are on campus 5 days a week. They also operate on a University Model with classes on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Tuesday & Thursday are devoted to math, science, and language arts workshops.

With a firm lens of truth, Oak Grove specifically and intentionally uses the classical methodology to present truth so that students may be formed and not simply informed. Through the ancient Trivium – Latin for “three ways”, we capitalize on age appropriate strengths of students at each of three primary stages of development: Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric.  We teach the tools of learning so that students can approach anything with confidence because they have been trained by the Truth.  While diligent practice and discipline is par for the course, we model for the students the ancient beauty of schole – restful learning that produces and cultivates virtue.

Grammar/Knowledge Stage (K-5th grade): Students grasp the basic building blocks foundational to life-long learning by applying meaningful memorization and mastery of content knowledge. Focus is placed on delivery of factual information through poetry, vocabulary, mathematics, literature, geography and historical narrative.

Logic/Understanding Stage (6-8th grade): Students critically analyze more complex issues applying the difficult “why” and “how” questions to each subject area. Studying formal logic, they develop reasoning skills, recognize and avoid invalid conclusions, and construct persuasive arguments.

Rhetoric/Wisdom Phase (9-12th grade): Students emphasize the integration of academic content by understanding the connections between bodies of knowledge and building the power of persuasion within the world of ideas. Based on the knowledge and reasoning skills developed through the grammar and logic stages, students culminate their academic experience by applying the art of both written and spoken presentation.

Cultivation of Delight & Wonder

Socrates said, “Wisdom begins in wonder.” There is nothing more lovely than seeing a student truly revel in the beauty and truth of the world around him, apprising the world rightly through the lens of God’s truth. To fall in love with learning – for life – is truly our goal.

"I love Oak Grove because it is Christ centered and overall a wonderful school. The teachers spend a lot of time teaching us valuable lessons and how glorify the Lord." - Oak Grove Student


Teachers and Board Members of Oak Grove Classical Academy embrace the historic tenets of Christianity as presented in the following Statement of Faith. Beyond these primary doctrines, we respect and acknowledge many secondary doctrinal questions exist among the true Body of Christ. We defer to parents and their local evangelical churches to clarify these issues.

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