To see and recognize true beauty, our affections must be trained. Music and the Arts are the best trainers to that end. Oak Grove offers the options of Orchestra, Choir, Art, and Drama to deepen, enrich, and train our students' affections for life.

Fine Arts

Fine Arts


At Oak Grove Classical Academy our Music program's goal is to provide students with a base knowledge of how to read, understand and appreciate music. We expose our students to the classics while introducing them to the composer and musicians who made them famous. We hope to promote among our students a more godly approach to both the practice and the enjoyment of music and to prepare them for more effective ministry to others. We hope to accomplish this not only by encouraging the development of technical, but also artistic musical skills. We hope to promote a greater understanding of the value of the musical arts by helping students develop a greater knowledge and appreciation of different types of music and instruments Students grow with an improved ability to employ the communicative power of the musical arts as a means of reaching out to others.

All students at Oak Grove participate in Music class once a week, as well as their class choir. Grammar school students have the option of participating in extra music classes, Music Movement and Choir, on Friday's.

Students in Logic and Rhetoric School have the option of joining the Orchestra at Oak Grove.

All Students participate in an annual Christmas program where they showcase their musical abilities for parents and family.


Oak Grove offers an (optional) Friday Refinement program for our Grammar school students, grades 1st through 5th. This unique program offering students the chance to grow in their knowledge of the Fine Arts. Students are able to participate in a variety of programs such as robotics, sign language, music movement, art and choir. See more here.