As our students enter rhetoric school and work toward graduation, we believe it is crucial to prepare them for life after Oak Grove. At the 9th and 10th grade level, families are trained on the importance of GPAs, planning for college, and the value of pursuing transcript-valuable activities. Beginning in 11th grade, our students begin meeting with a college advisor who walks them through the steps necessary to pursue a college level education. Students are able to attend college fairs, make college campus visits, pursue scholarships, write essays, and more, under the guidance of their college advisor.


Through our partnerships with different universities, Oak Grove offers dual credit classes at the rhetoric level. Under the supervision of our classroom teachers and the approval of accrediting universities, our students may earn college credit for a number of classes. At a small additional cost, college credit will be granted to students who choose to pursue dual enrollment, while sitting under the guidance of our wonderful Oak Grove teachers


At Oak Grove, we strive to teach our students the value of serving others. Rather than focusing on themselves, our students are taught to lay down their lives for others. Through service projects coordinated by Oak Grove students and staff, our rhetoric students can begin to train their hearts to love others more than themselves and value service to others. Service projects also give our students robust college applications and scholarship opportunities, as they strive to serve their community.