The Classical Model

We believe deeper learning comes from presenting truth so that students may be formed, and not simply informed. We aim to teach children not only how to learn, but how to think. We teach the tools of learning so that students can approach anything with confidence because they have been trained by the Truth.

The Classical Model uses the Trivium, Latin for “three ways,” to capitalize on age-appropriate strengths of students at each of the three primary stages of development: Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric. 


The Grammar stage, or elementary school level, builds a foundation for students to become lifetime learners. Students become proficient in memorization of material through songs, chants, poetry, stories and rhymes.


In the Logic, or middle school, stage, students are taught to question the meaning behind subjects, and learn reasoning, informal and formal logic, and how to argue with wisdom and eloquence. 


After asking why, how and what of subjects, students at the high school, or Rhetoric, stage have become independent thinkers. They study the art of persuasive speaking and effective writing, learning how to defend with passion and eloquence what they now know.

At Oak Grove, we use a biblical framework as the foundation for all that we do, pointing to God’s truth and His beauty in every subject we teach. And while diligent practice and discipline is par for the course, we model for the students the ancient beauty of scholé – restful learning that produces and cultivates virtue. 

Oak Grove Classroom

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