"When I first came to Oak Grove I was welcomed not as stranger but as a friend, and shown God’s grace. I love seeing God’s works shown through this school and it amazes me to see so many people who love the Lord as much as I do. Not only has my knowledge grown so much, but my faith has too from coming to Oak Grove." - Aubrey, 8th grade student


Grammar School

Logic School

Rhetoric School

  • Art

  • Choir

  • Music Movement

  • Sign Language

  • Robotics

  • Orchestra

  • Speech/Debate

  • Robotics

  • Business/ Entrepreneurial

  • Newspaper

  • Photography

  • Chess

  • Student Government

  • Chess

  • Speech/Debate

  • Newspaper

  • Robotics

  • Pilates

  • Dances




Oak Grove Classical Academy's Science Day is a day dedicated to providing our Middle School and High School students with a chance to display various science projects they have worked on. They also have the opportunity able to engage and learn from one another and special guests in an enjoyable atmosphere.

All of our students and families at Oak Grove Classical Academy are invited to enjoy this wonderful event and participate in science themed activities. This is a great day full of hands on learning and memorable experiences.



Oak Grove Classical Academy's English Expo is a day dedicated to growing our students excitement and enthusiasm for the language arts. English Expo begins with a "character parade" in which our Elementary School students dress up as their favorite literary character from the school year's reading thus far. The day includes performances and readings from our Middle School and High School students. As well as language arts themed games for all ages. English Expo is always a student and family favorite.



Our Annual Christmas program is a special way Oak Grove Classical Academy families come together before the holiday. Each class from Elementary School to High School performs musical selections they have been working all year on. Our Orchestra also gets a chance to perform and share their progress. This is always an uplifting event to share with extended family and friends.



Oak Grove Classical Academy's field day is a fun filled day outdoors participating in events as a class and as an individual. This day is spent with the students challenging themselves and each other to complete various traditional field day activities such as the long jump, mile run and everyone's favorite the tug of war. It is our last big school wide event before graduation and it's a special time for students and faculty alike.