Rhetoric School (High School)

Grades 9-12

If the tree of knowledge extends itself with branches, then rhetoric is the trunk of the tree. Every branch depends on the trunk for its well-being. If you learn rhetoric well, you will be able to do every other science (subject) well. If you learn rhetoric poorly, all of your other classes will suffer ( www.circeinstitute.org). Rhetoric simply put, is the art of persuasive speech and the culmination of the classical education experience. As a classical learner, our high school students will be on a compelling and satisfying lifelong course of learning. Enriching courses from Fine Languages and Literature and rich offerings from Athletics, Fine Arts, and a dynamic House System work beautifully to educate the students’ mind, bodies and spirits to the glory of God.

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Uniquely Classical

Instead of seeing learning as something you "have to do" for a few years as a teenager, we aim to inspire our students to see learning as a great possession to be pursued for life.

Christ Centered

Our classes and culture aim to shepherd our students in Christ's truth so that they may glorify God and love their neighbor well.


Our 5 day week schedule mimics that of a university in that some days have a heavier class load and other days have structured time for long and short-term projects, discussions and enrichment.

Our Rhetoric students discern that truly good things only become better as you behold them. Most importantly, they find steady connection in the rock-solid anchor that is Truth.


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