Athletics & Activities


Our goal is that students will develop the traits of perseverance, responsibility, integrity, commitment, leadership and teamwork. Education does not end at the final bell, but continues on to the field, the court, the stage and at the chess board under the instruction of godly coaches.


As NMAA members, we competitively offer Cross Country, Volleyball, Basketball, Track & Field, Archery, Swimming, & Soccer.

Strong competition with excellence honors the Lord, our opponents, and the game.
3rd place District finish 2017 season

Archery-NASP Program
"Sin" is an archery term used biblically to describe a person missing the mark. Truths like this are explored along side the skill it takes to compete at a high level.

Cross Country
A true picture of endurance that will be a lesson for life beyond sports.

Track & Field
This small boys team came in second in our District with several State qualifiers.

RunTheTrail Fundraiser
Each year we utilize a 5K race to reach the community and fundraise for our programs.

Oak Grove has partnered with Evangel Christian to create a competitive State qualifying team. This Co-op is just one tool in out tool belt to provide opportunities for our athletes despite our small size.


Our activities and club offerings are designed to be transcript valuable experiences with the formation of the "wholeman" in focus.

The state qualifying robotics team went on to compete at the regional competition in Dallas, TX.

Preparing for a drama festival workshop.

Music in all its forms and traditions are valued in the pursuit of learning what is truly beautiful and good.

Camp Blue Haven
The ropes course serves to instill leadership, create strong relationships, and begin trust as we begin each year.

Our mascot is a perfect representation of our sports program: wise, fierce, strong, and stealthy.

Strategy, patience, and mathematics.


With the use of our unique House System, students enjoy intramural competition, develop leadership skills and value community service.

House Gutenberg
We are House Gutenberg. our inspiration Johannes Gutenberg produced one of the most revolutionary inventions in our history, the printing press.As a house, we strive to model ourselves after Gutenberg by being innovative, creative, and revolutionary thinkers. Our house mascot is an eagle which symbolizes strength, vision, and leadership; true to the character of Gutenberg. Our latin motto, "Christus praeeminens" (Christ is preeminent) embodies the fruit of Gutenberg's contribution to the world.

House Bonhoeffer
We are House Bonhoeffer. Our namesake, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, was a German pastor who lived from 1906-1945. Our house symbol is the bear, an animal that symbolizes protection and strength, which were strong characteristics of Dietrich. Our latin motto also memorializes Dietrich, "Timete Dieum, nolite hominem timere," which means "fear God, not man." Our house intends to imitate and uphold the example of Dietrich, by demonstrating strength, protection, sacrifice, and reverence.

House Elliot
House Elliot is strong and courageous, which is aptly represented by the symbol of a lion. through our house we hope to glorify God by being an example of and displaying the courage of Jim Elliot. He was a missionary in Ecuador during the 1950s, who sacrificed his life as he evangelized the Huaroni people. Our Latin motto, "Etiam si omnes, ego non," meaning "Even if all others, not I."

House Brainerd

Utilizing the point system of monopoly, the house members thrive in creating a culture unique to Oak Grove.

Spring Formal
Vibrant across grade friendships develop due to our house system.