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At Oak Grove Classical Academy we aim to honor Christ in all we do. In academics, athletics,

fine arts, and overall culture at Oak Grove we seek to show our commitment to properly

prioritizing Christ and His word. Truly, the Lord Jesus Christ has made abundantly clear His

desire to be made known in all that is true, good, and beautiful. We desire that our students

recognize this lordship and follow us in bringing all learning and life under a conscious

submission to Christ’s will and honor.





With a firm lens of truth, Oak Grove specifically and intentionally uses the classical methodology to present truth so that students may be formed and not simply informed. Through the ancient Trivium – Latin for “three ways”, we capitalize on age appropriate strengths of students at each of three primary stages of development: Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric.  We teach the tools of learning so that students can approach anything with confidence because they have been trained by the Truth.  While diligent practice and discipline is par for the course, we model for the students the ancient beauty of schole – restful learning that produces and cultivates virtue.



The University-Model structure provides the tools of time, curricular flexibility, and academic expertise that enables parents to be confident and effective co-teachers. In fact, the structure flexes with students as they become more mature and independent in their learning. At the Middle School level (Logic School) , the academic load requires more time in the classroom. Parents are still provided with lesson plans for home days, but their roles gradually transition from the role of Co-teacher to Guide for Dependent Study.

In Elementary School, parents will serve as "co-teachers" in the satellite classroom at home. Parents will receive instructions from the teacher at school on a regular basis outlining home assignments, and preparations needed for the next class. They will also take extensive responsibility for direct instruction in some courses (e.g., homeroom activities, adding in work as their student needs). At this age Students are on campus Monday and Wednesday, and study at home with their parent (co-teacher) on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. 


In Middle School, parents will transition from "co-teacher" to "guide for dependent learning" in the 6th-8th grades. Parents may serve in this capacity (based on the student's independence level) through 12th grade. Parents should still read each lesson plan, assist with strutting time for the student, offer assistance as needed, and verify each assignment as necessary. Parents should spot-check work for understanding of concepts. At this stage students are on campus Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with Parent guided lessons on Tuesday and Thursday's.


In High School most academic courses require the role of "guide for independent study" for parents. Here, parents have the opportunity to supervise the progress of their students' independent schoolwork and provide any additional guidance they may need before entering college. Courses offered at this level will mimic that of a junior college program or higher where independent study and research sills, time management skills, a strong work ethic, and self-discipline are essential. At this stage students are on campus Monday through Friday.


At Oak Grove Classical Academy we protect and foster delight and wonder in education. We

strive to support parents in producing life-long learners who love Jesus Christ, and we

believe wholeheartedly that such a lofty goal begins to be accomplished as we ensure as far

as we can that our students enjoy learning. With conviction, our passionate and nurturing

teachers provide atmospheres of delight and wonder in learning.