Being a Co-teacher at Oak Grove Classical Academy requires a higher level of involvement from our parents than other educational models. The roles change over time, but it is crucial parents understand that the role of a co-teacher is an integral part in your child's success at school.

In Elementary School, parents will serve as "co-teachers" in the satellite classroom at home. Parents will receive instructions from the teacher at school on a regular basis outlining home assignments, and preparations needed for the next class. They will also take extensive responsibility for direct instruction in some courses (e.g., homeroom activities, adding in work as their student needs).


In Middle School, parents will transition from "co-teacher" to "guide for dependent learning" in the 6th-8th grades. Parents may serve in this capacity (based on the student's independence level) through 12th grade. Parents should still read each lesson plan, assist with strutting time for the student, offer assistance as needed, and verify each assignment as necessary. Parents should spot-check work for understanding of concepts.


In High School most academic courses require the role of "guide for independent study" for parents. Here, parents have the opportunity to supervise the progress of their students' independent schoolwork and provide any additional guidance they may need before entering college. Courses offered at this level will mimic that of a junior college program or higher where independent study and research sills, time management skills, a strong work ethic, and self-discipline are essential. 

Premised on a biblical foundation, we believe parents are the child's first and most influential teachers (Deuteronomy 6 and Ephesians 6:4). Because parents are the single most influential factor in a child's emotional, social, and spiritual development, Oak Grove seeks to partner with parents in their God given task to teach their children spiritually, academically, and physically. The University-Model structure provides the tools of time, curricular flexibility, and academic expertise that enables parents to be confident and effective co-teachers. In fact, the structure flexes with students as they become more mature and independent in their learning. At the Middle School level (Logic School) , the academic load requires more time in the classroom. Parents are still provided with lesson plans for home days, but their roles gradually transition from the role of Co-teacher to Guide for Dependent Study.

We know parents in the University Model School need to feel supported and equipped in their respective roles. For this reason, Oak Grove Classical Academy offers several training opportunities throughout the year. An online school website also connects Parents to their students class, teacher and the happenings of the school.


"Oak Grove has been a true answer to prayer for my family. When our oldest was ready to start kindergarten, I couldn't imagine sending him away for 40+ hours per week, yet I had a hard time getting my brain around planning lessons for my family of four through full-time homeschooling. We truly have found the best of both worlds at Oak Grove. I adore seeing my boys flourish under the instruction of their Christ-loving teachers, while also being a partner in their education and walking along on their schooling journey with them. It is the perfect balance for us. I also love that they are able to be a part of sports teams and clubs at Oak Grove that seek excellence, but also seek to build their character and show Christ's love to those around them, win or lose. I thank God for Oak Grove!" 

- Angela, grammar school mom of four

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